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EasyDent is the fastest growing digital dental design service company in the United States and Canada. Since being established in 2014, we have acquired a loyal customer base of Dental Labs across North America. Our well-trained CAD/CAM experts assist various U.S. and Canada dentistry labs to move towards digitization, without investing in digital equipment and an in-house design team.

EasyDent is fast moving towards a daily design capacity of over 10,000 units a day. We invest heavily in a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and Quality Control systems. All our existing, as well as new designers are trained in current and updated digital dentistry methodology. EasyDent’s vision and mission is “Designing Smiles… On Time, Every Time”. We work all around the clock, so you can focus on your core business. We are supported by reputed global financial institutions, strengthening our resolve to serve you efficiently.

Easydent Team


EasyDent has a team of highly-skilled designers who are hired after selective recruitment process. All our designers are required to complete a rigorous training program, based on PTC Modules. Once the training is complete, the designers are divided into five categories, based on their skill. The work is then assigned to the designer with appropriate level of skill, ensuring precise fulfillment of project requirement. A designer must achieve stringent qualification standards before being promoted to next skill level.

Our highest skill-level team members act as the Quality Control team, whose objective is to ensure that the designs you receive are always error free. We also have a proficient and expert Communication team that enables prompt and reliable support, along with easy and clear communication flow.

We offer our digital dental partners, an easy-to-use platform known as Easy Connect. It helps our partners communicate their design requirements, which are then fulfilled by our outstanding team. To know more, Contact Us now!


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