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Easydent Designs | Quick and Easy Smile Design Solution


Future of Cosmetic Dentistry is here!

The Future of Cosmetic Dentistry

As a digital dental designs service lab, we provide precise and superior designs for crowns and bridges, facial cutbacks, split files, custom abutments, and RPDs. With the help of dental CAD/CAM software

How Easy Smile Works?

For optimal results, scan the patient's jaw records and bit

Take 2 Photos of the Pateint:

1. Relaxed smile-lookiing perfectly straight ahead
2. Retracted smile-looking perfectly straight ahead

Submit images and scan files to the FileShare portal

Note : Photos should always be in the same alignment

Benefits of Easy Smile

patient treatment

Higher Patient Conversion

EasySmile helps provide increased patient treatment awareness thanks to beautiful, accurate results

Workflow Integration

Seamless Workflow Integration

EasySmile is an in-CAD smile design module that enables digital aesthetic planning in one continuous work-flow

Easydent -Real-time Evaluation

Real-time Evaluation

EasySmile accurately monitors 3D tooth positioning from multiple angles at all stages - from beginning to end


Realistic Transitions

EasySmile creates a realistic 3D tooth set up as a foundation for the final cosmetic design


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